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Auto Accident?

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It’s helpful to understand a few things about car accident injuries in Arizona.

If you are involved in a car accident, you will have a number of decisions to make and to protect your rights and to recover the maximum compensation you are entitled to, you need to make the right decisions.  This is why it’s important to have the guidance of an experienced lawyer who is well versed in motor vehicle accidents and injuries, and who will fight to protect your rights.

Injury Hotline will help ensure you have the right legal representation for your specific situation.  We will also ensure you get the medical assistance you need both immediately after the accident, and during your recovery.

If you were injured in an auto accident, motorcycle accident, truck accident or other motor vehicle accident, getting the right legal representation is a very smart move.  Injury Hotline is Arizona’s leading personal injury specialist firm, and we will assist you in all aspects of your recovery and assist you with the legal representation you need – all at no cost to you.

To get the MAXIMIMUM COMPENSATION, you will need an experienced attorney!

The majority of accident victims don’t get the maximum award or compensation they are entitled to.  Having an experienced personal injury attorney is essential to ensuring your case is properly handled, and you get the compensation you deserve.  No two cases are the same.  Injury Hotline will ensure you get the right representation for your specific case and injuries.

Insurance companies CAN NOT FORCE you to settle!

Do not allow yourself to be intimidated or manipulated into settling for less than you deserve.  Insurance companies fight hard to pay out the least awards possible, and often employ high-pressure tactics to try to force you to settle.  Under Arizona law you are NOT required to settle. Injury Hotline will help you get experienced legal representation to handle all aspects of dealing with insurance companies, as well as uninsured drivers.

There is NO OUT-OF-POCKET COST to you!

There is NO COST for Injury Hotline’s services to assist you with your injury and your legal case.  There are no medical bills and no legal costs to you.  Period.  This is one reason why Injury Hotline is Arizona’s leading personal injury, auto accident and work injury specialist.

If you don’t follow a SPECIFIC SET OF STEPS, you can hurt your case!

Personal injury cases are complex. It’s easy to make mistakes. To avoid hurting your case, it’s important to have proper guidance at every step.  Injury Hotline will help ensure that every aspect of your medical care is properly provided, and we will arrange the most experienced legal representation based on your specific situation and injuries.

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